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Team Theresa — Check out these Prizes for August 18th

July 21, 2012

Some really amazing items and services have been donated for the social event planned on August 18th.  If you have an item that you’re donating, or a service please email a picture and or description with your company logo if you wish to –

Check out these awesome items:



Beard Painting by Graham Clark!

July 17, 2012

I know, what the heck is a beard painting right?  Well it’s a painting painted by a man using his beard as a brush.  Comedian and Stop Podcasting Yourself   cohost Graham Clark is the artist and here’s how he explains it:

It started as a joke.

Two comedian buddies were making fun of how shaggy my beard had become, suggesting it could be used as a paintbrush. I thought this would be something to try to see if I was at least as good as an elephant, a child or a monkey. I painted with the beard while it was still on my face. I liked the results. I liked the process. I ruined many perfectly good shirts. 

When I had completed a few paintings, I decided to put them online for sale to see if I could raise a little money for my friend Clare. Clare was seeking some alternative cancer treatments that were quite expensive, and I really wanted to chip in. 

Soon, I couldn’t stop painting and I liked that the sale of these things could help people out. The sale of paintings have raised money for GlobalMedic’s earthquake relief efforts, Oxfam’s East Africa famine relief, and purchased a new wheelchair for comedian Ryan Lachance…oh and Clare was able to get those cancer treatments…pretty good. 

      The painting of Hulk Hogan is up on ebay!

       To listen to the podcast, click here

     To  learn more about Graham’s Beard Paintings click here

G.I. Theresa! (like GI Jane…get it?…oh nevermind)

July 8, 2012

In Theresa’s own words –

“As you all know I’m having chemo therapy and my hair started falling out quite quickly so i decided to take control and Chris shaved it off for me! I feel liberated! Xoxo”